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According to Wikipedia, Tartan Day is "is celebration of Scottish heritage and the cultural contributions of Scottish and Scottish-diaspora figures of history." To learn more about this cultural celebration, please read below.

Originating in Nova Scotia (Latin for New Scotland), Canada in 1987, National Tartan Day is observed on 06 April, the date on which the Scotland's Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. It's a day that celebrates Scottish culture through dress with the Dress Act/Disclothing Act of 1746's repeal, a law that made wearing tartan and other forms of Highland dress illegal as part of the British cultural genocide after the last Jacobite uprising failed at Culloden. Tartan Day events usually involve parades, pipe bands, Highland dancing, and numerous Scottish-themed activities. It should be noted that, although we call it "National Tartan Day" here in Canada, it may also be referred to as "International Tartan Day" in other places to reflect Scottish immigration to various parts of the New World.

What are your thoughts on Tartan Day? Do you celebrate it? If so, let me know how you're celebrating and where in the comments below.

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